Adapting to Bleisure: Hotels as Innovative Workspaces for the Modern Professional.

7 February 2024

In recent times, the business-leisure (bleisure) trend has revolutionised accommodation preferences, prompting a shift away from traditional holiday check-ins. The surge in remote work during lockdowns highlighted the need for versatile workspaces that go beyond the home office setting.

Transitioning to remote work can lead to challenges such as diminished socialisation, blurred work-home boundaries, and a lack of amenities found in commercial office spaces. Recognising these needs, international accommodation providers have embraced the concept of “bleisure” facilities, incorporating co-working spaces and day rooms into their offerings.

Leading Examples of Successful Adaptation.

Zoku: With four hotels strategically positioned in European hotspots, Zoku pioneers the hybrid workspace-accommodation model. Its purpose-built hotel in Amsterdam, established in 2016, features compact apartments emphasizing living space, catering specifically to remote workers’ needs.

Accor’s Wojo: Wojo, an initiative by Accor, integrates remote workspaces seamlessly into existing hotels. Offering communal hubs (Wojo Sites), quiet nooks (Wojo Corners), and cafe-style co-working rooms (Wojo Spots), this initiative caters to diverse working preferences within the hospitality setting.

Wyndham Dubai’s NEST: Recognising the demand for quality co-working spaces, Wyndham Dubai introduces NEST, an integrated facility allowing users to book spaces by the hour, day, or longer. Business guests benefit from various amenities, including access to the pool and gym.

Adapting to the Bleisure Trend.

Maximising Day Rooms as Office Spaces.

Day rooms present a logical choice for hotels, especially in transient locations or seasonal destinations with fluctuating occupancy. Offering these spaces as day-to-day offices for local remote workers taps into downtimes between check-ins, proving to be a sound business strategy.

Essentials for the Ideal Day Room Office Space:

  • Well-equipped workspace with quality lighting, ergonomic chair, and sizable desk
  • Reliable high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Ample power outlets, including USB charger stations
  • In-room coffee and tea facilities
  • Access to hotel amenities and business suite facilities
  • Flexible booking options and special offers
  • Concierge services
  • Free or discounted parking

Providing Quality Sustenance.

Hotels offer a unique advantage of on-site dining options, providing an attractive alternative to home-cooked meals. Offering a menu suitable for working lunches and extending room service to day room occupants enhances the overall bleisure experience.

Utilising Meeting Spaces.

For some, hotel business suites may be preferable to day rooms. Providing meeting rooms as co-working spaces fosters a dynamic work environment, facilitating networking opportunities for lone professionals and small teams.

Optimising Unused Spaces.

Hotels can make smarter use of their facilities during off-peak seasons, ensuring every space is profitable. Leveraging the hotel’s bustling atmosphere and providing valuable services to both visitors and local remote workers creates a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Embracing the bleisure trend involves more than just accommodating guests; it’s about transforming hotels into multifunctional spaces that cater to the evolving needs of remote workers and business travelers alike.

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