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20 July 2022

While being a versatile option to have in your guest facility, split beds can be confusing for many accommodation providers.  What size is the bed when joined together?  When split, what are the single sizes?  What is the best size linen to use?  How do the mattresses join? And what about the base?

What’s available

Vendella offer split beds in two sizes and across 3 mattress ranges. Vendella Matresses

Makers Eclipse W L H
Euro Plush Super King Split BDM7129 2 x 91.5cm 203 33
Euro Top King Split BDM7188SPLIT 2 x 83.5cm 203 30
Euro Top Super King Split BDM7189 2 x 91.5cm 203 30
Pillow Top Super King Split BDM7199 2 x 91.5cm 203 25

The Makers Eclipse King split mattress, comprises two Narrow Long Single beds measuring 83.5cm W x 203cm L each.  When split, you can utilise Narrow Single protectors, Single toppers and Single flat sheeting.  Fitted Single will be too small and King Single too wide. Narrow Single fitted quilts will work as will standard not fitted top of bed options.

Similarly when Makers Eclipse Super King split mattresses are separated, the result is two Long Single beds which are 91.5cm wide x 203cm long.  This compared with a Single bed which is 91cm wide x 188cm long.  When split, you utilise a Single or King Single protector and topper and Long Single fitted items such as valances and fitted sheets. For fitted quilts, Single items are suitable.

Whichever size you choose to go for, it is simple to join together or split apart – just connect the two mattresses via a handy zip.

Understandably, some believe that two King Singles (107W x 203L) join to form a King Split.  Instead, this results in similar sizing to a California King, although these dimensions vary by manufacturer.

Which Size is Best?

While fitted bedding (valances, fitted sheets, protectors etc) for narrow long single beds is not easily available, single items often have “wriggle room” and can be used.  It is for this reason that if space allows, a Super King split is recommended over a King split.  Long single linen in a variety of fitted bedding is more commonly available and standard single (boxed end) or even double (non boxed) bedcovers and other top of bed solutions can be used.  

It’s All About the Base

Vendella stocks the Makers Commercial Bed base which is suitable for all our Makers Napa, Eclipse and other branded mattresses.  It is delivered in a kit set, meaning that we can hold more in stock and deliver to you faster and more cost effectively.  Assembly is simple with 4 attached brackets that just require bolts to be tightened, a center rail to be bolted on and then the wooden slats placed in position. Gliders or castors are available in various heights.  When purchased as a split bed configuration, joining plates are provided, which secure the two bases to each other.  When using as split twins, simply replace the joining plates with your choice of glider or castor.

If you have a split bed and are unsure what size to order, it’s always a good idea to measure up and decide from there. We are available and very happy to advise on the most suitable linen or bed size to order.

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