Start With The End In Mind.

In the early days of Vendella, (when Marty had hair and Leon had a BlackBerry) our team had a strong desire to create a company that would be lasting. This pursuit became a North Star for us, inspiring the team to research business models and philosophies in a hunt to find something that connected deeply.


Around 2010, we researched a methodology known as ‘The 3Ps of Sustainability; People, Planet, and Profit’. Originally introduced by John Elkington during the mid-1990s, the ‘triple bottom line’ looked like a possible framework on which we could build and grow the company.


After careful consideration, the Triple Bottom Line or the 3P’s philosophy was adopted as the chosen method of growing the company. The 3-sided approach resonated with the team as it forced a balanced approach to business, ensuring all 3 aspects remained in sync.


With the end in mind, it was time to get started.



<— 6am Strategic Planning. Late 2000’s

Concepts Into Practice.

With the chosen approach in mind, the next step was to translate it into practical application and the first order of business was to define what the word ‘Sustainability’ truly meant to us.


After engaging in numerous iterations and thoughtful discussions, we settled on a concise statement that encapsulated our vision and became a guiding framework for evaluating every decision, plan, or concept.


“A Relationship, Project, or Approach that can be maintained at the current or proposed rate or level for a sustained length of time.”


With this definition in place, we aligned each section of the business to a ‘P’, then embarked on a series of tests and evaluations, scrutinising our practices against these self-imposed benchmarks.




External Coaching, 2011-12 —>

Planet & DreamGreen.

While reviewing the Planet portion, discussions were had about the impact plastic was having on the world around us.  We found that an incredible 380 millon tonnes of plastic is produced every year, however, only 9% of this vast plastic production is recycled. The repercussions of such low recycling rates are far-reaching and have significant consequences for our planet.


Because the remaining 91% (345 millon tonnes) of plastic waste is left to find its way into landfills, incineration facilities, or the environment, it is estimated that approximately 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic enters our precious oceans every year!



This didn’t sit right with us so our R&D team got to work and by partnering with the expertise of our supply partners, DreamGreen, the art of recycling discarded plastic drinking bottles into luxury bedding, was created.



<— Product Testing at Stamford Plaza 2013-14



A Thousand Miles.

Although the name “DreamGreen” may evoke an image of effortless progress and success, the reality was different as creating a new product range that aligned with all the 3P’s required significant effort and determination.


While the DreamGreen initiative was helping resolve a Planet issue, we had to incorporate the other two ‘Ps’ of sustainability —People and Profit— into the decision-making process. It was essential to strike a balance between environmental responsibility, financial sustainability and the satisfaction of all people involved.


Given our reputation for quality, we started with a concise range of items, allowing us to trial and refine new technologies. Each new item had to undergo testing and improvement before it was worthy of carrying the DreamGreen name.


As our confidence in the technology increased, so did the range which was increased to the selection you see today.



Product Selection & Pricing, 2015 —>



Today & Tomorrow.

Today, DreamGreen is used by 1000’s of  Accommodation venues all across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and we continue to inspire and lead by example, encouraging hoteliers to embrace a journey of sustainability.


Through the DreamGreen initiative and the collective efforts of our customers, we have achieved an incredible milestone – the recycling of 20,000,000+ plastic bottles into luxury bedding items. In doing so, we have diverted a significant amount of plastic waste from our landfills and oceans.


This accomplishment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to living by the 3P philosophy, and to making a tangible difference. Because we all have the power to make a significant difference and build a more sustainable world for future generations, we invite you to join the movement and DreamGreen.


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