Since we launched the DreamGreen bedding range, we’ve recycled:


plastic drinking bottles and it is all thanks to the unwavering support of our valued customers. The tremendous positive impact your purchasing decisions have had on the environment is truly remarkable!


If we took every bottle recycled to date through the DreamGreen program, and laid them end to end, they would stretch this many kilometers:


For context, this would stretch from Sydney to Darwin, or from Brisbane to Kalgoorlie or if we head over the Pacific, from Hobart to Queenstown AND back!

Our Dreamers

Across Australasia, the DreamGreen range continues to be implemented across an impressive number of hoteliers, and with it, the impact on the environment continues to grow, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the region.

These hoteliers have seen the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their operations, and understand how DreamGreen provides them with a comprehensive solution. By embracing the DreamGreen range, these hoteliers have not only made a conscious choice to protect the environment, but they are also meeting the growing expectations of environmentally conscious guests.

Travelers today are increasingly aware of the impact their choices have on the planet, and they actively seek out accommodation that aligns with their values. The use of the DreamGreen range allows hoteliers to attract and retain these environmentally conscious guests, enhancing their reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

Live Tracking

The DreamGreen platform live-tracks exactly how many bottles you have recycled through your purchases of DreamGreen,

The platform calculates how many bottles were recycled to produce the items you have ordered, and instantly add the number to your rolling total!
This is stored against your account, allowing you to download your personalised DreamGreen certificate at anytime

Effective Promotion

Tracking is undoubtedly crucial for measuring progress, however effective promotion becomes the pinnacle of success.

With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can leverage your sustainable achievements by promoting them through social media channels, newsletters, or inhouse to your guests!
Sharing the progress allows you to showcase your dedication to sustainable practices and differentiate yourselves in a competitive market.

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