6 Ways To Make Your Guest’s Christmas Unforgettable.

1 December 2021

The silly season is upon us already and no doubt we are already starting to experience those holiday feels. The retail shops have their Christmas carols playing with amazing window fronts and ‘never seen before Christmas deals!’ which leaves us with a question. How do we stand out during the rat race of the festive season? How do we offer a memorable experience that keeps them coming back?

  • Stress Free Solutions

Christmas can give some of us grey hairs by the time we have gathered all the family together, organised a meal to feed the many and arranged Christmas gifts for all! By the time our holiday time comes around we just wish it was planned for us so we get to enjoy it with a care free spirit.  Offer your guests packages in which they can stay with a day or dinner out pre planned. Offer simple check in procedures that gives reassurance and great communication. Allow your guests to relax entirely knowing you have it sorted for them.

  • Kid Friendly Options

The worst Christmas gift is a grumpy bored child hanging on to the bottom of your skirts as you try to enjoy the last bits of your wine and Pavlova. Make your stay package kid friendly, offer in room toys or a programme for kid friendly events happening daily at your property. From treasure hunts and teddy bear picnics to movie night and poolside games the options are endless and you’re sure to put a smile on both kids and parents faces!

  • Surprise & Delight

Treat your guests to an upgrade, a small stocking filler or even a discount to a local attraction as a token of thanks. The unexpected makes your guest feel special and as part of your ‘accommodation family’ appreciated. The reward in return will likely be greater than you originally spent!

  • Local Knowledge

This time of year can become very expensive and stressful for families and this often hinders them from travelling and exploring new places. Use your local knowledge to share cost effective tourist attractions for families. Great parks, free hot pools, nice swimming spots or wildlife watching the list could appeal to all.

  • Embrace special occasions

With the festive spirit in the air guests will be delighted to arrive and experience a festive atmosphere. Offer a free bottle of wine, or complimentary pavlova for desert upon check-in. Or how about a photo with Santa? Have you considered a couple of decorations in the rooms?

  • Know your guests 

What is the purpose of their visit? Knowing your guests need will determine the way you are able to service them throughout their stay. They maybe using your property as a place to lay their head at night after they have finished at the families. This may mean just require an easy check in and check out experience. To create an exemplary experience, show guests that you care about them down to every last detail.

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