Minimal Or Comfortable? – Why Style Matters (But Not At The Expense Of Comfort)

20 September 2021

When it comes to room design, don’t let sophistication pick the pocket of relaxation. Here’s how to look good while keeping things comfortable.

It’s hard to deny the impact of stepping into a stunning hotel foyer or opening the door to a hotel room with the wow factor. It’s what elevates an accommodation experience from the mundane to the magnificent.

However, before you go adorning your guest rooms with gold-flecked wallpaper and Eames chairs, it’s worth considering what’s important for your guests. You may find that, like most things in life, looks aren’t everything.

A 2019 ALICE survey of hotel guests revealed that when it comes to in-room experiences, guests are looking for the home-away-from-home experience.

Respondents said they are after a ‘level of comfort that’s close to their home lives’. This means things like extra blankets, a selection of pillows, and books in the room are what make a stay something special. Guests are also after favourite selections of tea and coffee and bathroom amenities similar to what they may use at home.

Any interior designer can make a room look stunning. A great designer can create a room with good looks and great comfort. It’s the old adage of form versus function, and when it comes to hotel design, a little bit of both will go a long way.

Once you’ve got the basics right (like amenities, accessories and comfy blankets and pillows), you can start to flex some design muscle. Here are a few ways to create beautiful in-room design without forgoing the home-away-from-home comfort factor – and do so without breaking the bank.

1. Keep it natural

Make use of natural light wherever possible. Dark rooms can end up feeling more gloomy than stylish. Incorporate windows that offer plenty of direct sunlight during the day and dress them up with stunning curtains.

This isn’t just about style – guests appreciate the practical aspect as well. They may need good light for reading or working at the desk but love to dim the lights of an evening for relaxing. Calming, low lights are perfect for bedside lamps, and dimmable main lights make it easy to unwind.

2. Control the accessorising

Accessories will help enhance a room, but be sure to keep it subtle. Yes, an uber-stylish chair may look incredible. But it will fail to impress if a guest finds it’s like sitting on a concrete block.

Smaller accessories are a great way to complement the design and colour tones of the room. Choose items to contrast bedspreads or feature wallpaper. A good tip here is not to overdo things. It’s easy to overwhelm the guest with a cluttered feel (and not in a good way).

3. To cushion or not to cushion?

This is the question. We all know those over the top cushion situations where the bed is so full of extra pillows there’s little room left to lie down.

However, done well, the addition of extra cushions complementing the bedspread will deliver the wow factor, particularly in rooms where the bed is often the feature of the room. The good news is cushions come in all shapes, sizes and colours, making them an easy way to add some style.

4. Make a statement…

…but just one. A stunning occasional chair is an easy way to make an impression while at the same time adding a practical item to a small room. Occasional chairs are an obvious choice if you’re looking to add a touch of style to a room as they come in a great range of stunning fabrics to ensure they stand out.

Again, be sure to avoid the cluttered look – invest wisely in a quality single piece rather than spending cheaply on more than one item.

5. Consider the amenities

Here too it’s important that a sense of home comfort can be close at hand and, after all, it’s the little touches that make a big difference.

While bathroom amenities may be among the smallest items in a hotel room, they can make a big impact on guests. Offering a top-quality range of amenities presented on stylish display trays will help your property grab the competitive edge.

When investing in your room décor it’s easy to think that the minimalist approach will automatically exude style. But there can be a big difference between expert minimalism and cheap pretence. That’s why, when giving guests the best possible hotel experience, it’s a good idea to always strike a balance between comfort and style.

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