How to select the right window treatment for your Hotel, Motel, or BnB

31 March 2022

Window treatments including curtains, blinds and even window tinting, are an important part of the room décor and there are both practical and aesthetic considerations when selecting what is best for your accommodation.  

In hospitality, window dressings can play an important role in the overall design, but still need to deliver practical solutions in maintaining guest privacy, protecting the interior from bright (potentially damaging) sunlight and keeping rooms cool.

Important things to consider are climate, the view, privacy, and light control.  The perfect window treatment has varied functionality along with the flexibility to suit a guest’s needs at different times of the day.

The type of accommodation and decor should also be taken into account.  More formal spaces and decor are better suited to heavier treatments, while less formal rooms suit lighter, transparent fabrics.

Guests want a good night’s sleep – which is where blackout curtains play a role. These window treatments are made from heavy opaque fabrics and are designed to block out external light.  They can also form an effective barrier against cooler climatic conditions.

Hygiene and maintenance is an equally important factor and while blockout curtains are great to cocoon a room in warmth and darkness, wash and care may be tedious.  Linen has a casual yet sophisticated look, and is great for filtering the right amount of light – but may not be as durable as you need. Cotton makes rooms bright and breezy and is easy to clean.   Heavier fabrics such as velvet have an indulgent and formal look and blocks noise, heat and cold – but are less efficient to clean.  100% heavy-duty polyester is the most commonly used in curtaining throughout Motels & Hotels as this fabric composition is durable, easy-care and best value.

A sheer curtain is often used in conjunction with the aforementioned and offers privacy while still allowing light into a room.  Layering a thermal blackout curtain with a sheer linen on a sperapate rail provides a practical and stylish window treatment.

Blinds offer an alternative to the traditional fabric curtain, and depending on the type of blind, can provide both light and thermal protection.  Paired with a sheer fabric curtain to provide softness and light, blinds can be a tasteful yet practical solution.

Where is the best place to buy curtains?  Depending on your budget, there are a number of well-known retail outlets who have off the shelf options, however sizing and designs can be limited.  Interior designers and specialist curtain and blind businesses such as those listed below, can offer a more bespoke solution to suit your accommodation and decor.

After a hassle free solution?  Window tinting is an option to consider.  Providing a quality product is sourced, a tinted window can provide privacy while blocking out the sun and keeping rooms cool.  Apart from normal window washing, no other care is required.  Paired with a blockout curtain, this provides a very practical, easy care solution.

Some considerations when choosing window treatments:

  • Choose a complementary or neutral option to suit the decor and upholstery
  • If your rooms are filled with artwork and other accessories, choose a neutral treatment
  • Privacy – can you see into the room from outside?  Check at different times of the day and at night with the lights on.
  • Protection from the damaging effect of the sun
  • Warmth in colder winter months
  • Allowing in light while maintaining guest privacy

Choosing window treatments for your accommodation can be tricky, but by balancing the needs of your guests with housekeeping and decor practicalities, your end result is sure to be a win-win. 

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