Healthy sleeps are happy sleeps

4 April 2022

Sleep apnea: How to treat it (and why you should)

A healthy sleep can be worth thousands of dollars in guest bookings. Provide a restful, sleep-positive room environment, and they’ll get a good 40 winks – and you’ll have a better chance of a great review.

In these tumultuous times, getting a healthy night’s sleep is a hot topic. With most modern-day snoozers well versed in the need to switch off from devices and maintain a good routine to sleep well.

For some though, poor sleep is a more serious issue. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common problem affecting an astonishing one in four men, as well as one in ten women. It occurs when the muscles in the airway relax and block the flow of air, causing breathing to stop intermittently.  As well as being disruptive to anyone sharing a room with them (due to the stopping and starting of loud snoring), sufferers will also experience a severe reduction in sleep quality – which can make daily life difficult or even dangerous.

Internationally, sufferers of sleep apnea will often turn to surgery and/or CPAP or BiPAP equipment in their quest for a good night’s sleep. This technology offers positive airway pressure therapy, using compressed air to open and support the airways during rest.  While sleep apnea is often a serious condition, some its symptoms (like a decrease in energy and poor concentration) will still generally occur in those who have simply had a restless night.

Be it business guests waking refreshed for a big work conference or event, or holiday makers wanting to make the most of their days exploring, nobody wants to spend the day desperately trying to concentrate and stay awake. 

An upcoming “Sleep & More” conference in Germany aims to tackle sleep apnea and other sleep issues for hotel owners, looking at the relationship between textiles and sleep, and whether organic fabrics and sustainable practices can factor into the sleep-conduciveness of a room.

The list of speakers and subjects looks set to provide plenty of food for thought and include such experts as:

  • Dr. Hans-Günther Wees from the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine
  • Carsten Schmid from Brainlit with insights into the importance of biocentric lighting
  • Bed expert Jens Rosenbaum with impulses on the sustainability potential of the hotel bed and green solutions from associations and industry for hotel rooms

Many hotels around the world already cater to those with sleep difficulties such as sleep apnea by providing a range of products that make going to sleep (and sleeping well) easier.

Some, like Canyon Ranch in Tucson, USA, go so far as to hire a specialist medical professional to diagnose guest’s sleep problems. The Arizona Wellness Resort provides an in-house doctor for an overnight assessment. They check for chronic issues and then make recommendations to help alleviate problems.

So too does New York’s Benjamin Hotel provide a ‘rest & renew program’. Here an in-house sleep medicine expert offers guests tips for how to achieve better rest and more productive days. The popular hotel also provides on-demand meditation, a lullaby music library and pampering treatments.

Other establishments around the globe offer a range of pillows, weighted blankets and cooling pyjamas for ultimate comfort.

With its calming scent and sumptuous comfort Vendella’s Dreamticket Lavender pillow could be a great addition to such a pillow menu. Another super sleep inducer is the winter weight, high-loft 500gsm Dreamticket duvet inner, a sure winner when paired with crisp white triple sheeting. Mattress toppers are another way to ensure comfort is and a healthy sleep.   The Dreamticket 1000gsm loft comfort topper transforms any mattress into a slumberer’s paradise – making for great sleep and a relaxed and refreshed day.

To help your guests achieve the best night’s sleep, check out these products and more in our catalogue or contact us now to arrange a visit so we can run through your options.

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