Pocket spring? Memory foam? Water? What mattress is right for your guests?

9 June 2022
Okay, water beds are best left in the 1980s. However, with so many options on the market, making the best decision about the right mattress for your hotel, motel, holiday park or backpackers can be tricky. Longevity and versatility are important considerations. And, of course, the comfort factor is crucial. But just how will you decide?

As you will well know, quality of sleep can make or break a guest’s stay. Many hotels and motels spend that bit extra on the best quality mattress possible, according to budget and the level at which the accommodation is pitched. 

Things to consider include the following:


One of the first things that a guest can see is the size of the bed.  A queen or king size bed conveys luxury, comfort and relaxation – en pointe, if that is what your establishment is about.  If you run a backpackers on the other hand, number of beds is more important, and so bunk beds with appropriate mattresses is a consideration.


Commercial mattresses will have various combinations of comfort layers (foams, gels and fibres) and support systems (springs).  

Most accommodation providers opt for a medium softness level, with the aim of catering to all body types and inclinations. Along with comfortable mattress toppers, full weight duvets and crisp sheets, these features deliver a good night’s sleep.

The comfort layers of a mattress will typically comprise layers of different foams and / or latex which vary in density or have other comfort benefits (eg memory, temperature regulation, hypoallergenic etc).  These comfort layers help to distribute weight evenly, reduce pressure and relieve aches and pains.  Reinforced foam edging around the perimeter of the mattress is beneficial, helping to prevent sagging, maximise the usable sleep surface and provide support when getting on and out of bed.  Hotel mattresses are often encased in a fire retardant treated fabric for safety.


High-end hotels use pocket spring mattresses to reduce partner disturbance and minimise movement while still providing comforting support.  The individually wrapped coils of these mattresses move independently of one another. When applying weight to one area of the bed – only that area will move. This is helpful for guests who move around a lot in their sleep – their partners won’t be as irritable in the morning!  The spring systems often have zones of differing spring thickness – providing additional support to heavier parts of the body.  Some mattresses go the extra mile, with a second layer of mini coils for additional support. 

Made up of a wire system combined with springs, inner sprung (bonnell) mattresses can be more supportive than pocket springs. However, they are also far more responsive to movement. This makes them less comfortable for people of different sizes or sleeping styles sharing a bed.

If longevity is a key factor in your decision making, double-sided mattresses are an option. Flip over when one side becomes worn, to double the life of the mattress. It also may be that an innerspring mattress is the better option as they are lighter and easier to turn.  These mattresses are likely to have simpler comfort layer systems.


In terms of versatility, a zip-together split mattress that can convert from a king to two singles is a great option to cater for different guest configurations.

With these factors in mind, there is little to do now but see what options are available to suit your budget and accommodation needs.

If you need help, one of our team can quickly and easily assist in helping to make the right selection (and it probably won’t be a waterbed!). Contact us today.

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