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17 February 2022

The little details that can make a major difference in your sustainability story.

In recent years New Zealand’s growers have been carefully assessing every element throughout their operations to ensure sustainability gains can be made. Great progression has been made – and it may appear as if there is little more to concentrate on. However, there are still some effective (and easy) improvements in worker accommodation to help reduce the carbon footprint. 

Farmland and orchards are traditionally passed down through families, with each generation looking to make improvements for the next. Clearly, sustainability is not just a buzzword for growers. Keeping the soil healthy, maintaining the land and the crops turning over year after year is imperative.

Working outdoors also tends to encourage a love for the surrounding environment, meaning that most growers and farmers seek to reduce any adverse effects caused by their business, keeping waterways clean and reducing waste. However, as with all endeavours, there is always room for improvement.

One step in the right direction is to explore worker accommodation supplies. Choosing environmentally friendly products for bedding and furnishing can make a considerable impact of an operation and is also a good way to demonstrate dedication to the cause of sustainable farming.

At Vendella we began the Dream Green initiative in 2017 after thoroughly assessing how we could best boost the sustainability efforts of its customers. As part of our overall approach we looked to every part of the product life cycle – and beyond.

This approach resulted in the Dreamticket range, an extremely comfortable, easy-care range of pillows and bedding that is ideally suited to staff accommodation in New Zealand.

A key product in this range is the Dreamticket Snug Quilt. Made using 28 recycled plastic bottles, this quilt is as warm and easy to maintain as it is environmentally friendly. Another favourite is the Dreamticket Dream 900 gram pillow, which is created using 23 plastic bottles.

With every eight of these pillows sold, Vendella plants a native seedling, making this pillow a double win for sustainability. To date, we have recycled over 15 million bottles and planted over 4000 native trees.

The Duo Plus Mattress Protector and Duo Plus Pillow Protector are also a popular combination to safeguard key room items, the latter recycling 12 plastic bottles in production.

To ascertain which products would best suit your worker accommodation we will connect you with an expert project manager. They’ll carefully assess what’s needed and come back to you with a sustainable solution to suit your budget.

Proudly New Zealand owned and family-run, Vendella’s everyone here is dedicated to helping clients find the best fit for their situation. We go the extra mile supporting these gains with sustainability certificates and planting reports also, ensuring our clients can easily spread the news of their sustainable procurement policies in worker accommodation.

It’s not just the environmental gains that are finding favour with everyone from vineyard sustainability managers to orchard procurement managers. Ordering is easy and delivery speedy – due to the local nature of our business, the stock supplies on hand and our non-negotiable same-day dispatch policy. Delivery is also free for all items aside from furniture, and there is no minimum order size.

Just like for New Zealand’s farmers and growers, for Vendella, sustainability is not just an empty headline. Instead it is a way of working that informs and guides our efforts each and every day.

Sustainable processes are baked into every aspect of our work, from reduced packaging waste and our overall carbon footprint, to the contribution to the social wellness of staff and the communities they work with, through to fundraising initiatives and investment in public projects.

Visit our sustainability page to learn more about why the three pillars of sustainability matter so much to our company. While there you can order free product samples, and find out more about just how the small purchasing decisions can make a big impact on the environmental goals of an agricultural business.

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