Why Triple Sheeting Makes Sense

31 August 2021

Looking to boost your reviews, increase bookings and improve the bottom line? Consider triple sheeting for your property. Triple sheeting has been taking the accommodation industry by storm for the past 3 years, and is the future for the Guest Accommodation Sector.

Benefits of Triple Sheeting

Triple Sheeting is a hygienic system of making up a room, resulting in a bright and fresh bed that gives the reassurance of cleanliness and a modern, crisp style. It is easy to manage for housekeeping and laundry and your guests will appreciate the fresh, clean appearance of the bed. Create the look with three sheets and a blanket – all of which are easily changed and laundered after each guest. But how do you nail triple sheeting while keeping rooms cosy and inviting?

You will Need

1. Base Layers

2. Fitted or flat sheet

3. 2 more flat sheets

4. Comforter, quilt or blanket

5. Decorative Items

How to Triple Sheet

Start from the Base

We believe it starts right from the base. Getting the layers correct and smooth right from the bottom is key to the success of the top and final sheet. The first layer we recommend is a bed bug protector to protect your biggest asset (the mattress) from the dreaded bed bug . You may feel that this is unlikely to happen to your property, but bed bug infestations are becoming more prevalent, and those who have experienced this problem believe it is money well spent. The alternative is disposing of a (sometimes a brand new) mattress! Anti Bed Bug Encasement

Next consider layering a fibre-filled luxury mattress topper to treat your guests to the best sleep ever as mattress toppers are uncommon domestically, and seen as a luxury by guests. Ensure the mattress topper is placed the correct way up and pulled tight for the ultimate triple sheeting and sleep experience.

Lastly, to keep your topper and mattress safe from the inevitable stains and spills, we recommend a mattress protector such as the Duo Plus mattress protector. This mattress protector features soft circular quilting for added comfort and a siliconized, noiseless waterproofing backing.


Having the right sheet for the job is important and it pays to choose carefully with durability, comfort and presentation in mind. Our 50/50 polycotton sheets are accepted as the hospitality industry standard that ticks the easy care and durability boxes. The 220tc fabric construction rates highly and presents well on a triple sheeted bed. In addition, when processed correctly through your laundry, they do not require ironing and look and feel great on the bed once pulled tightly over the mattress. If you prioritise guest experience over ease of laundering, we recommend the 30/70 polycotton sheeting. The higher ratio of natural cotton offers guests next level comfort and luxury, but also decreases the life span of the sheet. Using the same sheeting for all 3 layers makes laundering simple, allowing for quick and easy storage, sorting and changing. 


Duvet inners, boxed end quilts, bedcovers or blankets can be used as a warmth layer. It comes down to personal preference, the style of the property and the type of guests. Duvet inners can be changed to suit the season or give additional loft for a high-end luxury look. A boxed end quit delivers a smooth finish for the triple sheeted look and serves it’s purpose all year round with a 370 gram weight.

The Finishing Touches

Lastly, to bring it all together we suggest a blanket, runner or throw on the end of the bed paired with cushions.

Putting it All Together

1. A fitted or flat sheet goes on top of the base layers

2. Standing at the foot of the bed, shake out a flat sheet until it lies evenly over the bed. Adjust until equal lengths hang down on either side of the mattress. From the head of the bed, pull the sheet up until the top hem meets the headboard, ensure the sheet is smooth.

3. The warmth layer is next. Repeat the step 2 process for the warmth layer, but the top hem should be about 15 cm (about two hand widths) short of the headboard

4. The third flat sheet goes over the blanket. Repeat Step 2 for this sheet, once again adjusting the sheet until the top hem meets the headboard. Sandwich your warmth layer between the two flat sheets.

5. Fold the top of the sheets back 15cm – excluding the warmth layer

6. Fold back another 15 cm – including the sheets and warmth layer; fold the sheets twice, and the warmth layer only once

7. Tuck in both top sheets and the blanket in the usual way, being careful to create neat “hospital” corners at the foot of the bed

8. Place the pillows on the bed

9. Dress with additional blankets, runners, throws and coordinating cushions

TOP Tip : Getting rid of fold creases in sheets on the bed?

1. Fit your sheet and ensure it is tucked in tight to create tension

2. Fill a spray bottle with tap water – add a scent to treat your guests

3. Lightly spritz the crease line and smooth with your hand

4. Leave to dry – smooth!

Linenmaster – Triple Sheeting Demonstration

Watch the team from Quest Rotorua give a demonstration on the triple sheeting method. This method provides the customer with additional comfort and cleaniness.

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