Meet the Dream 900

This is no ordinary pillow. The Dreamticket ‘Dream’ 900 gram is a durable, microfibre fill pillow that provides high-loft support and plumpness without a duck feather in sight.


The ultra-fine, luxury microfibre fill of this pillow is made from the recycled plastic of 22 plastic bottles. The bottles are sterilized, and then reduced from their raw waste state and transformed into a premium microfibre. This innovation has helped save millions of plastic bottles from oceans and landfill.


With this initiative, Vendella has helped to recycle close to 19 million plastic bottles on our journey so far. If you laid each bottle end-to-end they would stretch from Sydney, all the way to Perth (almost 4000km!)

Here’s Marty

To give you a quick run-down on our favourite pillow! Have a watch and find out why our customers love it too.

This is your opportunity to sell them for yourself!

We receive hundreds of enquiries each year from your customers asking us where they can buy this amazing pillow from.


Now we are offering you the opportunity to sell them yourselves!


The goal here is to increase your profit-per-booking and guest satisfaction. By offering the dream 900 pillow for purchase at your reception, you give your guest the opportunity to take your comfort with them, while increasing your potential profit per guest!


At the same time you get to share your sustainable story. With your framed bottle-count certificate, you can display proudly how many plastic bottles you have helped to recycle through purchasing Dream Green products from us. If you are Qualmark audited, this certificate will also help gain credits against your waste and recycling efforts.

Here’s Mike

To give you the low-down on how it all works!

To help, Vendella can provide the following:


Please let us know the quantities of each resource you require for your property.

• DreamGreen Compendium Insert

• DreamGreen Tent Cards

• DreamGreen Reception Counter Stand

• DreamGreen Bottles Recylced Certificate

• Social Media coverage on your behalf

• (Soft copies available also)

Get in touch.

If you are interested in supplying your guests with a great nights sleep, and would like
to find out more about how we can help you to supplement your income, please get in touch with us today.

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